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Dr. Kildare

Dr. Kildare was a medical drama broadcast in the summer of 1949 until 1952. The series was based on The Story of Dr. Kildare, a popular Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) film. Lew Ayres starred Dr. James Kildare, an young and earnest physician at Blair General Hospital. Lionel Barrymore portrayed the grouchy diagnostician Dr. Leonard Gillespie. The supporting cast was joined by Ted Osborne as hospital administrator Dr. Carough, Jane Webb as nurse Mary Lamont, and Virginia Gregg as nurse Parker.

The plots of Dr. Kildare are rich and multilayered, involving the doctors' conflicts with each other and with the hospital's management. They deal with patients who are often ignorant and stubborn. At times, medical dilemmas often present themselves not only as professional challenges but also personal crises.

Dr. Gillespie acts as a mentor to the young idealist Kildare. He tells Kildare, "Our job is to keep people alive, not to tell them how to live." However, Kildare mostly ignores the advice, which provides the basis for stories, often with a soap opera touch. Each episode opens with Kildare's solemn medical oath, " . . . whatsoever house I enter, there will I go for the benefit of the sick, and whatsoever things I see or hear concerning the life of men I will keep silence thereon, counting such things to be held as sacred trusts."

Show Name Date Aired
Mrs. Standford July 20, 1950
Arthur Morgan Needs Brain Surgery December 8, 1950
Mumkin's First Baby Setempber 28, 1950
Carolyn Shelly March 15, 1950
Warren Jackson's Allergy April 12, 1950
Terry Murphy's Hearing Problem April 19, 1950
Philip Van Cort's Amnesia April 26, 1950
Colonel Boregard's Paralysis June 1, 1950
Joe Finley's Ulcer January 26, 1951
Anthrax Infection February 9, 1951
Amy Dickens Breaks Her Leg March 16, 1951
Cathy Morton's Baby March 23, 1951
Pedro Maria and Rosie June 15, 1951
Evelyn Briggs July 20, 1951

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